Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Planting Potatoes

Hello Fellow Homesteaders!

Are you growing potatoes this year? I love growing potatoes! Since you can't watch them producing, it's sort of like opening a gift...you never know what you are going to get! I have tried a variety of potato growing methods: in-ground, in tires, a potato tower, and in milk crates. Milk crates have been my favorite so far.

I place newspaper, packing paper, or paper bags in the bottom to help hold the soil in place initially. It will decompose as the season goes along, but by then, the roots will help hold the soil in place. I also like doing this because the roots won't get container bound...as the newspaper decomposes, the roots find their way through into the ground but the growing potatoes will stay in the container so you don't have to dig them up come harvest time.

Then find a couple of helpers that love playing in the dirt!

We put a few inches of soil in the bottom.

Then placed a few potatoes on top.

Then topped it off with a couple more inches of soil.

As the plants grow, I will fill in the crates with mulch. Here is some dried grass and chopped leaves we are going to use. In the past I have used plain leaves and straw and both worked great.

Now we watch and wait! Potatoes are heavy feeders and this is the first year I am using homemade potting soil to grow them. I hope for my best yield yet! Do you grow potatoes? What is your favorite method?

Happy gardening!

Jen Hen

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