Friday, May 23, 2014

End of May Garden Update

Hello Fellow Gardeners!

It is such a thrill to go out and see noticeable growth in my garden, so I thought I'd share it with you.

My root veggies are growing like crazy! The companion plants I have planted between the rows are sprouting too! 

A nice turnip forming. I have picked and eaten a few already. I need to plant more before they are all gone!

Beets are still pretty small, but we have enjoyed a few here and there anyway.

The carrot tops are really starting to take off, but it will be quite awhile before the root develops.

Excited to see the wood sorrel seed pods forming. I love the tangy sour taste!

I just couldn't wait, I had to put the tomato cages up in the raised bed. Maybe that will help motivate them!

I covered them to keep hungry vermin away. Now I am deciding whether or not to let them keep growing up through the tops or take the containers off. What do you think?

 The A-frame doesn't have anything planted for the top yet, but

the leafy greens underneath are happily sprouting! You can almost hear their teeny cheers!

The potato tower is doing great!

Go peas go! We've snacked on several of them already.

Straw bale garden needs a little TLC. These guys are hungry! 

Wouldn't you know, the one herb pot that is sprouting is the one that is missing it's marker! I suspect some small hands have helped with this...

Crate potatoes doing great.

Tired potatoes are anything but!

Potted plants seem to be doing great. I can just hear the red leaf lettuce now...if you'd stop eating my leaves, maybe I would fill this pot out! Great thing about leaf lettuce, if you just eat the outside leaves and leave the middle alone, it keeps growing!

Sweet potato and Tiny Tim tomato

The sprouts are getting larger! Maybe I'll have time for sweet potatoes this year, maybe not. This process should have been started a couple of months ago. Oops, oh well. Maybe I'll try an indoor plant.

Tiny Tim is gonna have some maters for me soon! Yay!

The greenhouse in general is still going strong.

Little Buddy's flowers are starting strong.

Square foot garden growing away. Though curiously not as well as the in-ground plants. I suspect the cardboard I put down as a weed barrier is blocking the roots of my plants stunting their growth. Taking note for next year.

Brassicas bed is going crazy!

I'm pretty sure the leaves have doubled in size over the last couple of days!

Wait a minute... What are these interesting looking weeds in my brassica bed?
Not one...

not two...

but three weeds that look very suspiciously like tomato seedlings. Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps the help of little hands again? I'm letting them grow regardless! They are well-spaced. This is another advantage of knowing exactly what I'm pulling out of my garden. I may have yanked these up long ago otherwise. If I can't identify it, I'll let a weed grow just to see what it is. How fun is that?!

The leafy greens pallet garden is plugging along. The tall plant is the arugula that has gone to seed. It is extremely sensitive to warm weather. I left it there to help shade the lettuce a bit. Truth be told, arugula isn't my favorite anyway, so I think I will do without it next year.

Romaine lettuce is starting to form!

One of my mystery weeds is starting to flower.

But wait... not too far away, I find this! A pea plant arrived a year late! This is where I tried planting peas along the fence line last year. I figured out very quickly the fence is prime real estate for all sorts of competing plants. That's why I planted peas in a gutter on a different fence this year. Today, while cleaning up the fence lines, I found this little guy! How neat!

The 3 sisters patch is starting to sprout and the transplanted corn is doing well!

2nd sowing of corn is sprouting! In another week or so, I will plant more corn.

Butternut squash has sprouted!

Oregano is sprouting!

The beans are sprouting!

Spaghetti squash is barely peeking through!

Jack O' Lantern pumpkins have sprouted!

 I just got some excess acorn squash plants from another gardener, 

so I transplanted those today. That is something to keep in mind for future reference, swapping seedlings. I am a little too crafty in finding a spot for all my extras. I have a problem, I know. Perhaps one day I can let some of them go. But not today! Mine! All Mine! HA HA HA HA!

There you have it! If you didn't know gardening could be so exciting (or so addictive that group therapy may be needed), now you do! Or perhaps you are sitting there pondering just how crazy I really am. Either way, I hope you get to see your own seedlings pop up through the soil and share in the excitement!

Happy Gardening!

Jen Hen

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