Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Update

Hello Fellow Gardeners!

May has brought lots of growth! I have been busy pulling weeds, breaking ground for a new plot, laying soaker hoses, starting seeds, composting, planning a chicken coop, raising chicks, thinning out my root veggies, interplanting my existing crops, not to mention trying to keep housework from piling up too much as well as doing my usual household and parental duties! The list goes on...I'm sure you know how it is! So, now I finally get here to make an update.

Brassicas bed freshly watered.

Pallet O' greens thriving.

Turnips and Beets growing faster than I can thin them!

Carrots are steadily growing.

Newly irrigated square foot garden.

Look close and you can see Little Buddy's flowers sprouting.

Strawberry bed still bare. I'm thinking plants from the nursery are the way to go. I need to move this to make room for my straw bale garden anyway. Might as well get 'er done.

Crate potatoes going great!

Tired potatoes will be ready for another layer soon.

I've been picking off red leaf lettuce leaves for my salads and it's going strong. Baby brother decided to help himself to the romaine, so I replanted it and it's slowly recovering. Onions working away...wish I could see under the soil without disturbing them!

Okra, zuchinni, and kohlrabi slowly sprouting.

Tomato seedlings getting bigger everyday!

Basil and Thyme starting to thrive.

Tiny Tim is starting to get lost in his clover companions.

Kandy Corn has sprouted and growing quickly!

If you look closely, you can see teeny dark buds starting to form. I hope I didn't start this too late to grow sweet potatoes this year.

It's so satisfying to watch everything grow! Sure, there will be mistakes and mishaps along the way, but it's been great already reaping the rewards of the garden in my kitchen. Along with eating salads and radishes, I tried sauteed turnip greens last night. I'll need to add less salt next time, but they were pretty good!

Watch for updates on our new chicken adventures and coop building! It ought to be fun!

Happy Gardening!

Jen Hen

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