Friday, March 20, 2015

Making a Laundry Soap Container

Hello Fellow Homesteaders!

I'm sure you have seen many different laundry detergent/soap recipes. I have tried many of them myself. I used to use the liquid kind and store it in vinegar jugs since they are a bit more sturdy than milk jugs. But as our family has grown, I have found it's harder to devote time to make liquid detergent, so I started trying out the powdered kind. We do use more of it, but it's worth it for my time. Be prudent and decide what's best for your time and budget. I use an incredibly simple recipe: equal parts borax and washing soda and 1/4 part Oxi-Clean. I always buy store brand if it's available, but this time it wasn't. I mix this all in my old food processor just to make it more uniform and get rid of chunks, but you don't have to. Plus if you use soap shavings in it, that will help break them up even more.

So, no problem. Homemade laundry soap is easy to make. But what do you put it in? Here's my sweet gem of a container, but it doesn't last long. I decided I needed a bigger container, so while I was at it, might as well make one that looks prettier than this one. You can see I didn't even take the time to fully remove the old label! This year I am trying to make my homemade things look a bit nicer.

I got rid of the majority of my plastic container stash, but fortunately we just emptied this one. I thought it would work great. Now to make it look a bit more pretty.

I looked through my fabric stash and found this. I have quite a bit of it and really love it. So I made some rough measurements and cut out a piece.

I even took the time to iron it and make a pretty top seam! Then I took some spray glue and sprayed the entire back of the fabric. Well, when the glue says it's workable for 30 seconds, they don't mean a second more! I thought about spraying the container, but it was easier to spray the fabric since it was on a flat surface. (I put craft paper under it so I didn't spray my ironing board.) If I were to do this again, I would spray the fabric in sections as I placed it on the container. But, you live and learn.

I didn't even think of ironing a seam on the side, so I used the manufactured edge of the fabric instead. I figured, hey, I love this pattern enough, no harm in making a small tribute to the designer! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Then I just folded the fabric over on itself. I had to respray this part and I sprayed it pretty thoroughly to ensure it stays in place. Then I placed the whole container upside down to let it dry.

Then I needed to label it somehow. I came up with all sorts of time-consuming ideas in my head, looked at my three children age 4 and under and decided a sharpie would do just fine.

Those are flowers next to the instructions. Well, not everyone can be an artist! ;)

There you have it! It's certainly not perfect with the fabric puckering and the wonky writing, but it still looks better than the old container! No one may ever see this but me, but it helps brighten things up a bit.

Do you use homemade laundry soap? What do you store it in?

Happy Washing!

Jen Hen

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