Thursday, April 10, 2014

Welcome to my homestead!

Hello all!
It has been a beautiful week, perfect for gardening! I'd like to introduce you to the garden part of my homestead. Starting with my darling patio riddled with all sorts of toys.

Here is my first square foot garden made from recycled materials, albeit not exactly 1' x 1' squares. I put this together last fall and made a lasagna garden. It's like a compost pile, but more on that later.

This is my pallet garden of greens.

My future site for tomatoes, peppers, and basil.

The root veggie corner...some turnips and beets going strong already. Mind the ancient A/C unit. Praising God it starts up every summer. Praying this year is no exception. That's another story for later.

The pea gutter with a few little guys standing up. And the neighbor's bush peeking through the fence.

Strawberry pallet garden.

Milk crate potatoes hiding my current compost pile.

My new pop-up greenhouse! I love this! A wonderful anniversary gift from my Knight in shining armor. Disclaimer: Husbands, I would not recommend this as a gift for your wife unless she is as big of a gardening fanatic as I am, and even then you better be sure!

The tired potatoes.

My brassicas collection. Along with my little helper, BB, on the wrong side of the fence, but what's a momma to do?

My ugly compost and materials pile. A work in progress. (But isn't it all?!) Thank goodness for gracious neighbors! Hoping to get some sunflowers going in a month or so to help hide it.

Lastly, the future site of my 3 sisters garden: corn, beans, and squash that one of my oh so generous neighbors (Working Man) lets me use. Mind the gutter, still deciding on it's use this year.

Well, that's about the extent of it. And just so you know I left a corner for the kids to play in...

I look forward to filling in the details on each and every one of these gardening techniques and plants in the coming weeks.

Can't wait? Dying to plant something right now? Get some radish seeds. They are quick to grow, larger seeds that are easier to handle, and very hardy. The greens are good to eat as well as the root. Plant them in a pot, a raised bed, a lot, a garden bed, or any spot! They are great for kids to plant too.

Until next time!

Jen Hen

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