Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Simple Blessings

Tuesday nights tend to be a little stressful.  I get home late with 2 tired little ones and am tired myself. The night usually looks like this:

Three year old Little Buddy (LB) crying for a snack and throwing a fit that he doesn't want his medicine or bed. One year old Baby Brother (BB) screaming anytime I put him down for any reason. The goals of the night: get both a light snack, give LB his medicine, get both changed for bed, rock BB for awhile before putting him down, pray over both of them, go through LB's bedtime routine in the hopes he won't disturb BB who is (hopefully) already falling asleep. I run back and forth between the two in the most efficient fashion I can muster. I am sure many of you can relate.

Tonight was mercifully different. They both waited patiently while we got in the door and got settled. BB even played while I was getting their snack! He almost always wails at my feet at this time. While they ate, I got LB's medicine set up in his nebulizer and quickly put a few things away. LB wasn't quite done with his snack, so I took BB back to change him and dress him for bed. Then I put him down to go tend to LB. Normally, this would result in wailing, but I see BB taking his milk out to the kitchen and reaching as high as he could on his little footie pajama tip toes to put it on the counter. I open the refrigerator door, his chubby legs toddle over and carefully place the milk on the shelf with his chubby, dimpled baby hands. My heart melts. No sooner than the refrigerator door closes than I hear the nebulizer kick on! I rush out to the living room in a panic and see LB sitting there as sweet as you please with his mask on correctly and no medicine spilled. After a quick double check and some praise, I scoop up BB and go rock him.

I thank God for him and his tiny servant's heart that is already starting to bud. I pray he blooms into a strong spiritual man after God's own heart. If I teach my kids nothing else successfully, I pray they know how unfailing Jesus's love for them really is. I am thankful I get this short time with them; thankful God let me borrow them and entrusted them to my care. As I rock him and lightly brush the fine baby hairs on his forehead, his huge eyes slowly disappear under heavy eyelids. Joy of the Spirit overwhelms me and I end up sobbing into the warm and soft fleece sleeper that wraps sweet BB. I breath in his soft, sweet baby scent praying I'll never forget it; knowing that these moments are so fleeting. He lifts his head, touches his sweet chubby baby hand to my cheek and gives me an adorable, precious smile. After about a thousand kisses (give or take), I gently lay him in his crib then go care for his brother.

As I follow him to the potty, I praise him for going 24 hours w/ dry pants. He potties, puts up his stickers, eats his little candy, and picks out his little tattoo. He looks up at me with the same look he gave me the day before when he had wet his pants and I gave him the same reaction. I hug him and tell him what a great job he is doing in his potty training. He beams up at me. You see, last week he was wearing diapers all day everyday and hasn't ever shown any of the signs you are supposedly supposed to see when they are ready to potty train. God really put it on my heart that if I can keep from succumbing to societal pressure and do it when he's ready, it will go so much more smoothly. He has kept his promise. Was I 100% sure this was the right time? No. But I tried it, like I have before, just to see if it was time yet. And so it is. The hardest part is watching my baby grow up into a little gentleman and getting one more notch of independence. After his new bedtime routine is completed, we bow our heads to the Lord and give thanks again.

I am in awe at these little ones. In awe because I didn't know how precious children were until God showed me. And to know that is just a fraction of what he feels for me. And you.

This started out as a God-just-let-me-get-through-it night and turned into a deeply moving spiritual experience. God is faithful. He keeps his promises. Tonight I just finished a very thorough, intense, life-changing bible study. God has led me every step of the way, not that I always followed each one mind you. The peace and satisfaction He has slowly been instilling on my heart was instilled in my home tonight. I had to get this all down because I need to remember nights like this for the times when they aren't.

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