Thursday, April 24, 2014

Putting a Dent in Housework on Rainy Days

Hello fellow gardeners!

It is raining! So on these days I tackle some of my much neglected housework. "But Jen," you say, "don't you have it all together? How do you do it all?" And I say "I know, right?!" Or more like, "YEAH RIGHT!" Not so much. Notice I said I will tackle SOME of my housework, not get caught up. I'm not the best housekeeper anyway, let alone when it's gardening season. Add the extra dirt that gets tracked in and the extra dirty clothes and you have a recipe for a homemaking disaster!

Just to prove it to you, let me take you through a quick tour of, quite literally, my dirty laundry.

The garden dirt that gets tracked in. Actually, this really isn't that bad.

The laundry, oh, the laundry! There's about 6 loads here, one load in the washer, a load of shoes, and a load of sheets all needing washed.

Then there are clean loads to be folded. Two loads of diapers here.

Technically there were 4 loads here, but we have been wearing some of it. Now don't tell me I am the only one who does that!

Then I had 2 loads of little boy clothes that somehow got washed folded and put away. That's pretty amazing!

So then there are dishes...

I hate to confess, this really hasn't been neglected as bad as usual.

And, that is only the stuff I'll show you! I tell my guests, I hope you are here to see me and not my house or you will be greatly disappointed!

So, there you have it. Jen is far from doing it all! Now, back to work!

Happy Cleaning!

Jen Hen

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