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Homemade Christmas 2014

Hello Fellow Homesteaders!

Here is my much-requested list of home made items I made for the Christmas baskets I gave out this year. I couldn't post this until everyone had received their gifts on the off chance someone receiving them would read my blog.

I have been doing a lot of crocheting since that's been the easiest craft for me to do during this pregnancy. Here's my crochet article with links to the patterns I used. I ended up using two other patterns, one for mittens and another for a wavy beanie. I also made a matching cowl for Little Buddy. I just took a guess on how long and wide to make it. This isn't the best picture of his's bright red and black.

Then I made a soap saver and a matching C2C washcloth for everyone.

Then a funny poo ornament!

I had a collection of apple butter, jams, and jellies that I divided up.

A bit of candy in the form of hot chocolate spoons. Then I used up the rest of the almond bark to make peppermint bark.

Some more candy in the form of salted caramel. (Wouldn't you know I didn't get a picture!)

Then some flavored salts...Bloody Mary saltLemon and Dill saltPorcini and Parmesan salt, and Rosemary salt. I improvised on the Bloody Mary Salt since I didn't have all the ingredients. I ended up using powdered tomatoes (that I dehydrated myself from my garden), red pepper, and ground dried celery (that I also dehydrated myself, but not from my garden.)

So no one gets overloaded with sweets all at once, I also made some sweets to enjoy later via coffee cup...the 1 minute brownie in a mug and the 3-2-1 cake.

Then to add to the bath and body products I included some coffee salt scruboatmeal cookie bath, and brown sugar scrub.

I also made some bath bombs and for the life of me, I can't find where I got the recipe, but it's very simple...1/2 cup baking soda, 4 drops essential oil, 4 drops lemon juice, 8 T witch hazel. Mix liquids in spray bottle and spray baking soda while stirring until it reaches the consistency of wet sand. Press into molds or shapes and let dry overnight or until completely dry.

Here is a His and Hers basket! I threw in a couple of other bath and body products in there and a couple of ornaments.

As you can see, I used up a lot of baby food jars. A couple months ago, I looked at my craft supplies to see what I had on hand and went from there. Plus I keep a stock of baking supplies so I checked on that as well. After that, I started looking up recipes and ideas. Really, the research takes longer than actually making them. The only things I bought recently for this was the cake mixes for the 3-2-1 cake and the peppermints for the peppermint bark. The rest I had on hand already. Normally I don't buy cake mixes and make my own, but for the simplicity I needed this year, I went with it. I also bought a flavor I don't readily know how to make myself.

As far as the labels go, I just did a web search for free printable labels and sorted through hoards of sites! You can buy the actual stickers for the size of labels you want, but I just printed them on plain paper then glued them on with craft glue. I didn't post any links to the labels because some of them were free offers but with other stipulations or copyrighted so I didn't want to risk being in violation with anyone. But, trust me, it's easy to find them...there are tons out there! The biggest problem you'll have is trying to narrow them!

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday season and perhaps this will give you a headstart on ideas for next year or for gifts through out the year. Have a great New Year!

Happy crafting!

Jen Hen

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  1. Wow! That a lot of diy-ing!:) Thanks for sharing with us at the Homestead Blog Hop! :)


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