Monday, December 8, 2014

Re-learning Crochet

Hello Fellow Homesteaders!

If you follow my Facebook page you know that I have been promising this post for quite some time! I have learned how to crochet! Well, I have actually re-learned it because my grandmother taught me a long time ago, but I didn't kept up with it. Never finished a project because I didn't have the patience for it as a teen. But I do now. I was tired and sick for the better part of the first 6 month of my pregnancy, but still needed something I could do. So, I got the idea to crochet and took off with it! I have had a very generous person give me quite a bit of yarn out of her stash over the last few months as well as had a friend gift me some very nice new baby yarn. Thanks to YouTube, I watched a few tutorials to get me started. 

My first goal was to get good at keeping the same tension and stitch size through a whole project, so I made a couple of blankets; one is single crochet, the other is half-double crochet. Mind you, I am still learning all the terms, so I may not get them all right. I found out after I had finished the half-double crochet blanket that I had actually been doing the stitch wrong making it more difficult. Well, that's how you learn I guess! I am going to give one to each of the boys for Christmas. They won't care that the edges and stitches aren't even.

Next I thought I'd try my hand at hats. I used this Simple Baby Beanie tutorial. My yarn was different, so I made one hat with a single strand, on the left, and the other with a double strand, on the right. I ran out of the baby yarn, so I finished it off with a similar type of yarn. Baby Girl isn't going to care if her hats aren't perfect. She just wants to be warm and loved. I also tried my hand at baby booties. Wow, I will never underestimate those again!! That was super hard and I didn't have a prayer of getting them even! They seem way too wide and 2 different sizes. I can't even tell you how many times I ripped it out and started over. I tried several similar tutorials and didn't have much success with any of them, so I chalk that up to practice practice practice and perhaps I will try again.

After the bootie frustration (lol) I decided to go back to blankets and make one for Baby Girl. I found what they call a C2C, Corner to Corner, blanket. This was a lot of fun and went fast. There are a lot of YouTube videos on this. I watched a few of them in the making of this. I feel like this turned out pretty well.

I had so much fun making that and started looking at baby sleepers and swaddlers. There are tons and it was very hard to decide but I started out with one called Easy Crochet Baby Swaddler. It's very good. She takes it slow and goes step by step. Of course, if you already know how to crochet well, it may be a bit tedious to watch, but it helped this newbie out a lot. I used a different color for each section just for fun. Also I made parts of it smaller because I probably won't use this much after the newborn stage.

Next we have a baby cocoon. Pretty much just a giant stocking cap! Notice my seam is pretty straight; I'm getting better at this! One thing I am wondering though. Every time I mention this, people talk about getting pictures taken in it and that I need to make a cute hat to go along with it for that. I suppose so, but I am going to use it like a blanket sleeper.

Time to tackle clothes! I found some cute ones at Karen's X Stitch Pattern. I made the sweater and hat, then decided to make pants to match. I found some very simple pant tutorials/patterns, then utilized them with the X stitch pattern. I feel like they all came out really well! Then I decided to try more booties. This was a different type of pattern and I feel like it was much easier than the other type. They actually look like the picture! Lastly, I made some Thumb-less Baby Mittens. I did about as well with these as my first set of booties, but hopefully they'll stay on and keep Baby Girl's hands warm. I ran out of the light pink, so it's a bit different shade. But I think it all came out cute anyway.

Lastly, I wanted to make toys for the kids. I found several security blanket patterns, but most of them seemed over my head. But then I found this one that seemed like I could handle it. My first one, the pink bunny on the right didn't turn out too well. I used thicker yarn than it called for so I just used a single strand. It came out really stretchy and I overstuffed the head. Then I made a chicken for Stitch and a zebra for Little Buddy. They all came out a bit scary looking, but I'm hoping they'll like them anyway.

Lastly, I found these patterns for chicken toys...Momma Chicken and Little Chick Bean Bag. I couldn't quite figure out the first pattern, but I loved the idea, so I looked around until I found the second pattern then kind of combined them to get what I wanted. I ended up with this...

I feel like it came out pretty well. Here is Momma Hen stuffed with her chicks...

And here is the picture of the pocket opening...

I really hope he's thrilled with this and it was easier and faster to make than I thought it would be. I used a double strand of brown and tan to make the Momma Hen so, hopefully, she'll be able to stand a lot of playing and abuse without falling apart too fast. Also, I stuffed the chicks with poly-fill instead of beans. I wasn't sure my stitches were tight enough to keep beans from spilling out everywhere and I'm pretty sure these will become projectiles, so they aren't as heavy as they would be if filled with beans.

So, that's what I have been up to! There are a couple of other projects that I can't talk about yet because they are gifts. I don't think any family members read my blog, but just in case. Right now I am working on a hat, mitten, and scarf set for Little Buddy to go with his new Cars coat. Then I hope to make him a stuffed car pillow toy.

I had no idea I'd get so addicted to crochet! Now that I have been feeling better, it's sometimes hard to pull myself away from it to get some work done! It has helped that I've been working on gifts for the boys because I obviously can't do that in front of them. Do you crochet and have you been working on Christmas gifts also? I'd love to see your work and your patterns! Feel free to share in the comments or on my facebook page.

Happy Crocheting!

Jen Hen

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