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Goals for 2015

Hello Fellow Homesteaders!

I have been reading about the wonderful goals people set for themselves and decided I am going to go out on a limb and put my goals out there for everyone to see! It makes me kind of nervous to set concrete goals because I fear failure, but that's all the more reason to conquer that fear! I have thought a lot about these and the order is of no importance. I feel like I have been pretty detatched in the last year and a half, just trying to find a way to re-engage life. Sounds weird as I really have accomplished quite a bit in the last year, but it's what you can't see that I have been working on. I have been so easily discouraged, have needed much more affirmation than I normally do, been very sensitive, not been receptive to constructive criticism, and have let destructive criticism destroy pieces of me. All this has affected every aspect of my life and I have felt helpless about it much of the time.

I'm not sure of God's plan in all this, but I trust that He has one and I have struggled to keep my faith in that. I can see the big picture, but have often lost sight of it for extended lengths of time. It has been hard to reach out to others, partly because that in itself can be tough:  "hello, I've never talked to you outside of church/work/school before, but can you all of a sudden come over and share my burdens with me?" Or I call and leave messages and/or texts, or even online, that don't get returned and I'm never sure of what to do then. Keep harassing them or take it that they are too busy? After enough tries, I get too timid.

To be honest, this is partly why I started this blog. It's not the original reason, mind you, but I suspect that if someone takes the time to read my articles and posts, then they must have some real interest and I don't have to feel like I'm pushing myself on anyone. Same deal with my Facebook page. I get much more feedback and encouraging words on my blog page than I ever have on my personal page. You all have no idea how much I truly appreciate that! People I've never even met, and probably never will, reaching their hand out in kindness. It's a huge breath of fresh air especially when there are times that the only folks I can get a hold of are those that are typically critical or negative and tell me to "suck it up and deal with it." I have to say, that has never helped me.

Well, anyway, for a goal article, this went much deeper than I planned, but it goes to explain my fear in doing this and where I am coming from with it. Also as to why I can and want to share this with you. I suspect that the majority of you will be encouraging, even if I don't accomplish everything I want to. Again, I wholeheartedly appreciate that. So, with that said...

Goal #1. Get below 200 pounds by the end of the year. Including baby, this will be about 50 pounds which will be about one pound a week. I don't want to binge diet or do anything that I can't maintain over an extended period of time. I have confessed before that I am a sugar addict, so that will be my first battle in this journey. Cut a lot of that down, but not out completely and add more physical activity in my daily routine. Of course, the physical part will depend a lot on pregnancy and post-partum conditions, but I can be more active without killing myself. Plus, my weight is just going to go up in the next couple weeks as Baby Girl grows, so obviously losing weight right at this moment wouldn't be okay with my doctor.

Goal #2. Finish the garage. This is on it's way and I plan to help my Knight out more after Baby Girl is born and I can actually lift things and climb ladders again. We hope this will create a domino effect with the rest of the organization in the house as we will finally have some real storage!

Goal #3. Start eating at the dinner table. Right now, the dining room is anything but. It's the craft/sewing/gardening/storage/chicken/mish mash room right now. We haven't eaten at the dinner table in months, maybe longer. Again, this will depend on the garage and what happens there.

Goal #4. Build a nicer and sturdier chicken pen. The eyesore of chicken wire and bird netting needs to go and I want to start getting cattle panels and create some chicken-friendly landscaping. This will go hand-in-hand with the decluttering I have been doing because I will sell things and make a few bucks here and there to help out along with the couple of cartons of eggs I sell every week. We are talking ones of dollars here, but they do add up over time. I think it's a resonable time frame for this.

Goal #5. Pay off the credit card for good and never let it acrue again. Some of you may have caught wind of our get-out-of-debt plan, but if you haven't, I'll post a link to it here soon. This will leave us with 3 debts left which is a far cry from the many we had before. Each one gone is like another boulder removed from our shoulders.
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Goal #6. Get the van fixed. It has some weird electrical problems and we pray they can be fixed for less than an arm and leg.

Goal #7. Have a more productive garden. This is a flighty goal and very ambiguous, but I have higher hopes with the garden this year since we have chickens. I'm hoping the work the chickens are doing over the winter along with having their poo to use for fertilizer will help my garden along. Plus I am narrowing down what I grow and grow more of it instead of having so many different tidbits. My long-term goal is to be able to grow and preserve certain crops to last us all year. Also perhaps have enough to sell and/or trade for the items that I don't or can't grow.

Goal #8. Goes along with #7...get a pressure canner and grow enough produce to need it! I do some water bath canning right now, but that limits me to just the high-acid foods. I'd like to be able to can things like potatoes, beans, peas, corn, etc. Not to mention grow enough to be able to do that.

Goal #9. Get meat rabbits. Since we have very little space and city ordinance to comply with, we are very limited on our livestock options. We originally wanted to raise meat chickens, but after a lot of research and recommendations from folks who have raised both, we decided rabbits were more efficient for us. We'll still have chickens for eggs and eat the occasional rooster or un-laying hen, but they won't be primarily for meat. Now, this is a goal more directed at my Knight as he is all excited to have his own homesteading project and, to be honest, I am going to have to get over the "cute" factor of rabbits, so I will be less "hands-on" with this project.
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Goal #10. Get my sewing machine up and running again and organize a usable sewing space. This goes along with goals 2 and 3, since all my sewing stuff is currently in the dining room.

Goal #11. Organize my kitchen, clear off the counters and create a storage space for small appliances and home-canned goods. This also goes along with goal 2. This MAY involve buying a microhood that we don't really NEED as our microwave and our vent hood both work very well, We will prayerfully see what God has in store for us this year in that regard.

I will be decluttering along the way and the rest of the house will have areas of organization and rearranging as the year goes on, but these are my biggest areas to tackle. We are hitting the house hard this year. With child #4 on the way and 5 of us living here full time in a 1,500 square foot, 3 bedroom house, and no basement or attic, we need to get creative! It can be done. Ironically, I discovered we have one of the bigger houses in our neighborhood. Many of them are 1,000 to 1,200 square feet!

We eventually want to build a couple of small sheds, one for things like the lawnmower, gas cans, etc, and a potting shed for the garden tools and such. But I'm not setting that as an official goal. We pray it can be done this year, but if not, it will certainly be a goal for next year. Keep in mind our entire lot is .17 of an acre, so even finding a spot for a small shed will be creative indeed!

Plus we will still have an entire unfinished room and some other repairs around the house: a spot of rotted siding that needs replaced, a post that needs replaced, some painting, repairs on the rain gutters, and other things like that. It helps to set goals because all this has been so overwhelming, I think that has hindered our progress more than anything. Now that we have some momentum, I pray we can keep going! Onward into 2015...I'm hitting it head on!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Jen Hen

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