Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our First Injury and Tackling Blood Stains

Hello Fellow Homesteaders!

Well, I had a first as a Momma...a visit to the ER because of an injury. I mean, we have been to the ER several times, but always for an illness of some sort. This was our first visit involving blood. My sweet tiny Stitch (nick-named from the cute and destructive creature from the movie Lilo and Stitch) fell down. Actually, he does this a lot, several times a day in fact. Except this time, he hit his mouth on the edge of a chair and split his bottom half. Oh. My. Goodness!

At first, I couldn't tell it was that bad, but a milli-second later, I realized what had happened, scooped him up, and ran into the house. We had come around to the backyard from the front, so the back door was locked. There I was, hugely third-trimester pregnant, scooping up my bleeding chubby toddler and running hurdles back to the front yard calling on Jesus's name to care for us. Traumatic and funny all at the same time!

I thank God my Knight had just gotten home from work not an hour before because he saved the day like he's so good at doing (which is why I call him My Knight in Shining Armor, or Knight for short.) I can't even remember what I said, just ran Stitch into the bathroom, pulled his face off my shirt (I was holding his mouth tight to my shirt to help stop the bleeding), we looked at him, I said "Stitches? ER?" my Knight says "yes!" and I said, "I'll get him in the van." Then I crammed my large pregnant body into the back of our van so I could hold a towel to Stitch's lip while my Knight ushered a very frightened Little Buddy out with shoes in hand and we were off.

So, at this point, you are either really caught up in this story, or laughing at all the drama because you have been through so much worse, but remember your first scare too.

By the time we get to the ER, the bleeding had stopped, Stitch had stopped crying, and Little Buddy figured out that Stitch's "lip is broken." (Sweet things!) Stitch even made sure to point out his lip to me when I got him out which pretty much made my stomach turn. (I'll leave out the details on what he did there...ack!) They got us in right away and I am so thankful that the nurses and staff were so caring and sympathetic! I know they see things everyday that are much much worse, but didn't treat us any less.

I had a hard time staying strong for my little ones once we were under medical care, but I held out. Jesus is with us always and I knew He was with us then too. I knew that I just didn't have it in me to stay in the room while they sewed up his lip, though. Thank goodness, they put Stitch out so he slept through the whole thing and my Knight held him the whole time while I took Little Buddy down to the cafeteria to get him a snack and talk about what happened. Half an hour later, Stitch had 6 stitches in his tiny bottom lip. (This was a couple days later. He was making funny faces at me while I was trying to get a picture, so you can see he was doing well.)

You can also see part of the cut on his chin. It goes all the way around under his chin. He got himself good, poor guy! The next couple of days and nights were a bit rough. He didn't need a whole lot of pain management, but he needed extra cuddles and got scared every time he fell. Can't blame the little fella! Plus, Little Buddy needed a lot of reassuring. It was very scary for him too.

Well, enough days have passed and everyone seems to have settled back into the routine, so I decided to tackle our clothes. Stitch, my Knight, and I all had gotten blood on our shirts. I have to be honest and say, I can't believe it wasn't more than it was! That was a lot of blood, but I must have gotten the towel to his mouth sooner than I thought. There was a lot of blood on it and we threw it away when we got to the ER. My Knight's shirt is a navy blue work shirt, so you couldn't really see the blood on it, but here's the others.

This all happened on the 8th, so I was pretty sure these shirts were trash, but I had to try. The nurses at the ER told me to mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water, dampen the stains, then wash in cold water. I had always thought peroxide acted like bleach, so I asked around to some other experienced folks, and they agreed with the nurses. Well, really, what was I thinking? If an ER nurse doesn't know how to get blood out of clothes, who does?! Lol! But, they also wear scrubs and I didn't know if they were perhaps more stain resistant than your average shirt. Don't forget, I'm a fairly new momma and pretty naive to a lot of this stuff. (Stitch is certainly doing his job of breaking me in!)

So, I mix the peroxide and spray on the shirts. I was so surprised when it started foaming up on the blood spots!

So I sprayed more of the shirt and it found blood spots I hadn't even noticed.

How cool is that?! I soaked it down pretty well because even after all that, I still wasn't convinced it would work. At the very least, I was sure I'd have to do this a few times. But, lo and behold, I was pleasantly wrong! Here they are after a quick wash in cold water with my homemade laundry soap (equal parts washing soda and Borax and 1/4 part Oxy-Clean.)

So, I didn't treat them again, but then I put them in with a regular load of laundry, and washed and dried them like usual. (And apparently my camera changed the, different flash setting, but I promise they are the same shirts!)

So our shirts are clean enough to wear for another day! Well, this experience made a believer out of me.

Stitch gets his stitches out tomorrow, poor baby! I wonder if I should wear our shirts and thank the nurses for the tip! Well, I am sure this is the first of many visits to see them. Today alone, Stitch got a bruise under his right eye and scratches under his left! I didn't see what happened, but Little Buddy was involved with the bruise somehow. The scratches came from a head-first fall off of a step. Oh please don't let us have to have one set of stitches removed only to have to get more! I just hope this little tyke has some strong!

Well, until next time...

Happy Homesteading!

Jen Hen

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